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How to Build an Audience for Broadcasting

How to Build an Audience for Broadcasting

By Mallory Senter

So you’ve decided to start broadcasting and you have a single listener. It’s exciting! But perhaps it’s not the glamorous hundreds of listeners that you imagined; at least, not yet. Here are some tips for How to Build an Audience for Broadcasting.

The most important part of how to Build an Audience for Broadcasting is being patient and willing to put in the time. Building up an audience base is one of the most difficult parts of having a broadcast and there’s only so much you can do to push people to listen to you. The thing is, most broadcasters will quit altogether over lack of engagement from their audience; don’t let this be you! Allow your broadcast to be an artistic expression, regardless of how many people are watching. As you grow and change, your audience will grow and change alongside you. That being said, prepare yourself for the long haul of watching your viewer count build up, one person at a time. Building an audience won’t happen overnight unless you’re one of the few people who hit on the right subject at the right time.

When you decide on a topic for your broadcast, figure out who your target audience is. Usually, this will include an age range, gender, interests, even income levels. Are you going to start the first broadcast that looks at historical relationships between pirates? Then you should know that your audience will most likely be history buffs, in their late 20’s and older, that probably are already interested in pirates. Do some research into other podcasts in your genre and listen to their first few episodes compared to more recent ones. Who are they targeting? What tone are they taking with their audience?

Represent your broadcast in real life and online; don’t be afraid of advertising. Besides spending money on Facebook or Google ads, you can promote yourself for free at the beginning and end of every episode. By asking listeners to follow, subscribe, and interact with your broadcasts, you remind them that they are getting free entertainment and it costs them nothing to help you out by following you on your social media. On that note, you can utilize our reliance on social media by creating an interactive website for your broadcast, a facebook page, or a branded twitter account. I won’t get into it here, but on your website and social media accounts, you can use search engine optimization (SEO) to draw in new listeners. By choosing key words and phrases to put in your website or twitter posts, search engines can more easily pick up on your accounts and websites and are more likely to prompt users to click on your pages. 

Build audience engagement. With Squable, you have the opportunity to interact directly with your audience with call-ins and chat features. For those of you primarily doing podcasting via Spotify, Itunes, Apple music, or other apps, consider branching out into live broadcasting to help grow your audience participation. During those broadcasts you can have giveaways, or ask for artistic contributions from your fans. People love to share their work with influencers, and as you grow your audience, you will become an influencer. Additionally, you can have other broadcasters or experts on your broadcast. If they have their own audience, it can attract new listeners who come for their content and stay for yours.

Broadcast on a regular schedule. I cannot stress this one enough! By uploading frequently and regularly, your audience knows when to expect new content. This is especially important for broadcasters over podcasters, as broadcasters rely on live audience engagement. If you are pre recording, putting out your podcast at the same time every week will give you a boost to your listener numbers right when you put it out. That being said, don’t focus on just pushing out content, it’s important to still concentrate on your quality of work. No one will stick around for a poorly put together broadcast. Make time to stay fully informed about your topic; do any pre-writing you need, and don’t leave everything to the last minute.

Finally, try not to stress yourself out too much. As I mentioned before, these things take time. While some people have that magical ‘thing’ that suddenly nets them 20,000 listeners in their first month, most of us have to work from the bottom up. Remember that, while you can make money on broadcasting, the most important thing is that you’re enjoying yourself and having fun!

-The Squable Team